Business Strategists Who Build Technology.

Amy Larrimore  

Managing Partner & CEO

Geoff Weber  

Founding Partner & General Counsel

What if those responsible for ensuring company success were also the people who best understood the tools to manage it's most prized possession?
Data - it's the currency of the 21st century.
As one client likes to say, this combination makes our team "clarivoyant".

Our Team

Our staff are recognized regularly for their expertise, credentials and industry contributions.
Our extended team includes strategic partners providing cybersecurity, web and mobile application development, risk management and legal support and the services our client needs require.


Our technologists can disassemble and reassemble the "toaster" blindfolded and forecast exactly how it will behave in most kitchens. They know the pros and cons of leading brands and those emerging. When what you need doesn't exist, they can help get it built.

Business Analysts

Our analysts are skilled at determining exactly how the company should operate, how it operates now and how to bridge the gap. They help you find what you didn't know to ask and they provide front line change management support to your users every step of the way.

Data Analysts

Our data analysts specialize in how humans interact with data. They understand the regulations in your industry and help ensure data security through integrations. They have expertise in key performance indicators, dashboarding and analysis driving decision making and have established wizardry in query and report creation.

Lean On Our Expertise

When we're not on a client site somewhere in the world, you'll find us enjoying the amazing city of Philadelphia, a bustling technology and innovation hub. We're community contributors, supporting our own corporate initiatives, those of our strategic partners and those our staff are personally interested. We’ll keep consistently delivering quality technology solutions to our clients year after year so they can stay focused on their business. Let us help you get back to business.

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“The price of light is less than the cost of darkness."

– Arthur C. Nielsen

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