Choosing Technology Without Our Expertise Can Be Risky Business.

Don't Gamble With Your Data

Technology has changed the way business manages their most valuable asset - DATA. Ten years ago, no one would think about buying Goldmine or Oracle without convening a committee to discuss the data, legal and infrastructure needs. They’d create a functional specification and have a multidisciplinary team analyze the process, implement, port the data and provide comprehensive training to the users.

Today, the average executive is left on their own to poll LinkedIn for solutions to their technology problems. Then they stick their credit card number into the internet, buy a software as a service and ask the summer intern to set it up. Then, when it doesn’t work out, they feel frustrated and overcharged in licensing and add-on fees for a system they aren't using because they've returned to a spreadsheet. No one can answer to why it didn't work.

Business moves much faster in the digital age and people expect solutions to be in place very quickly. Technology companies lead you to believe their system will meet a company's needs instantly and out of the box with little or no expert support. Here, at The Empire Builders Group we find that most people have a day job to do and integrating a new piece of technology into the workflow of your business and making sure the information flows in properly so it comes out into an effective dashboard requires some careful attention.