Successful Businesses use Technology as a Strategy.

An Average Technology Implementation Today

  • Managed by - Businessperson with another main role or responsibility.
  • Sourcing Methodology - Poll LinkedIn, Google, colleagues, for solutions and best practices.
  • Implementation - Stick credit card number into internet form, send link to intern for setup.
  • Outcome - Necessary business intelligence doesn't magically appear on the fancy, built-in dashboard.
    Feelings of anger and frustration over time and dollars wasted while Saturdays are spent reformatting the previous reporting spreadsheet.
  • This is the only kind of technology we could find that does
    [insert business need].
    the key
    The integrations are just "one click". It says so right here. We pay the fee, enter the credentials from [insert anything you keep company data in] and then it just works.

    Why Does This Happen?

    Consider how technology was implemented 10 years ago:

  • Managed by - Multidisciplinary committee including IT, process engineers, information systems analysts.
  • Sourcing Methodology - 600 page request for proposal process over the span of 18 months
    with a minimum of three D&B vetted responses.
  • Implementation - Analyze the business process, issue purchase order to Goldmine or Oracle
    with company specified terms and conditions, implement each module and test before implementing the next,
    two week system shutdown to port the data, six months of comprehensive user training.
  • Outcome - Necessary business intelligence is generated on reports or sent to integrated systems when required.
    Users understand how their actions contribute to the values appearing on those reports. The system works and the data is sound.
    Companies discover the data is so sound that when "big data" becomes important years later, their information can be queried or sold.

  • Consult Management

    It is actually how the data flows through the business process that determines if technology systems work poorly or efficiently. Implementations past carefully managed this data flow. Today, technology brands have helped users believe that it is okay to skip steps along the way, suggesting features and benefits will replace planning and expertise. Users then expect their new system to work instantly, with the same level of robustness of these implementations past, out of the box with little or no expert support.

    You've probably already discovered that this is false.

    There is a Better Way

    There is a middle ground between old and new, because advancements have accelerated how quickly solutions can be put in place. We understand which components of the old way are critical, ensuring you receive a carefully planned and thoughtfully executed solution to scaling your business. Companies looking to use technology strategically work with us in three different ways:

    "Technology involves two types of people: those who understand what they do not manage, and those who manage what they do not understand."

    –Mike Trout
    Why Our Approach Works